Live Streaming

Whether it is pre-recorded or broadcast live, embedded on a specific website or through a social media channel, a live stream is the perfect way of concisely and effectively getting your message across to a large audience.


Consider your audience and the event type before choosing your mode of broadcast. Are you looking for a slick, news studio style, multi camera mix with seamless content integration for a conference or meeting? A finger-on-the-pulse, on the ground reporting style session for a product launch or brand activation? Or are you looking to bring the buzz of a crowd and live performances straight to viewer’s home office screens for a networking reception or fundraiser?


We have put CEO briefings on company websites, authors launching books on Facebook, and even chefs hosting live cooking sessions. The stream can be produced completely contactlessly using the presenter’s at home IT facilities, through a DIY remote broadcast kit delivered to their doorstep with a professional team on-hand virtually for support, or we can provide specialised equipment and crew specially trained in COVID safe working practices. From single cameras to multi camera set-ups we can even build bespoke studios to take your broadcast to another level.