The closest thing to a live event, the virtual event space allows attendees to freely navigate and explore following a similar intuitive flow to a real life event, humanising the digital experience and increasing engagement.

Fully customisable, the virtual space will be tailored perfectly to fit your brand identity, event requirements and objectives, incorporating any specific visual, UX or structural specialisations to ensure the user experiences a virtual world fully embodied by your brand. 

Visually striking and content led, these events entice the user to explore and interact with both your key content as well as with other delegates, exhibitors and sponsors, creating a 360 digital experience wholly owned by you.

Options include fully customisable and navigable 3D event spaces for all areas as well as all standard features such as arrivals lobby, live help desk, custom scheduling, registration integration and ticketing, main stage area, breakout sessions, 1-2-1 meetings, round table networking, on-demand sessions, polls & Q&As, sponsors area, interactive exhibitors booths, gamification and interactivity, live after party area and post event reporting.

Virtual Events